Without a doubt your wedding day will be special and burned into your memory, but how do you take it to the next level and make it stand out for your guests? There are several unique ways you can take your wedding in a fun, unique direction that no one has experienced before.


Pre-Ceremony Drinks

No one expects to have any drinks prior to the reception, so offering beverages pre-ceremony is a nice surprise. Don’t go too crazy on the drinks—keep it light with mimosas or fruity iced tea. You could even consider serving a signature wedding cocktail.


Flower Stations

Sure, the bride and bridesmaids get to hold a bouquet, and the groomsmen wear boutonnieres, but why not let the rest of the guests sport some beautiful flowers? Talk to your florist about setting up a flower station with cut flowers and ribbons so that guests can make their own mini boutonnieres or wrist corsages.


Useful Favors

Raise your hand if you have an entire stockpile of miscellaneous wedding favors hidden away in a random drawer somewhere! Consider putting more thought into your favors by handing out something especially useful that your guests will be able to use more than once. Give out artisanal soaps, mini bottles of herbed oil, garden seeds, or succulents.


Unique Guest Book

Skip the same old guest book and go for something more fun and unique. For instance, have everyone write a cute note and place it in a piñata. You can break the piñata open on your first anniversary and read all the notes. Have everyone sign their names using a typewriter, leave out recorders for people to record a message, or have people write their names on a puzzle piece or quilt piece that will eventually be put together.

An All-Star Exit

Bubbles, birdseed, and rose petals have all been done before. The bride and groom should leave with a bang. Some couples have left in a mini parade like they’re on Bourbon Street, or they have guests send them off to their honeymoon in a sea of lavender buds or paper airplanes.



What about the party after the party? You may have spent the entire day celebrating, but some guests don’t want to go home after the reception is over (especially if the wedding venue has an early curfew). Instead of heading to a nearby bar, keep the party going with an after-party. Some people like to celebrate with another round of food (like pizza and other snacks), while others create a relaxing space where guests sing karaoke.


Whatever you decide to do, make sure your happiness as the bride and groom comes first.