Are you busy planning your big day? Congratulations to you and your partner! Now comes the fun part—choosing your wedding colors! You can have tons of fun playing around with fresh, trendy color schemes for 2021 weddings.


Rose pairs well with a number of other colors, and it looks great on its own, which makes it the perfect choice for your wedding colors. Pair it with other shades of rose, like cinnamon rose, or add in a pop of burgundy, and really lean into it with bouquets of roses.


Something new, something borrowed, and something blue—you’ve heard the phrase! Most brides are used to having at least one pop of blue in their wedding, whether it’s in the form of a pair of earrings or on the garter she wears. 2021 weddings are adding blue back into the fold for a light and airy vibe perfect for summer weddings. Be sure to choose light shades of blue, like cornflower or periwinkle, and skip the dark shades, like navy. If you must incorporate a dark blue shade, make it an accent color.

Shades of Green

Green tones are a major wedding color trend for 2021 weddings. It’s a great choice for all you eco-friendly babes that love the earthy look and want a fairytale vibe. It’s also a very flattering color for all skin tones. Incorporating several shades of green together, combined with foliage décor will be a popular choice in 2021. Really lean into it with beautiful greenery, like ferns and ivy in addition to the traditional eucalyptus. Sage is still popular as ever this year. Green can also take on a fun retro, ‘70s vibe, so if that’s the wedding aesthetic you desire, opt for shades of green.

Green and Terracotta

As we just learned, green is a popular wedding color trend for 2021, and it pairs nicely with other colors. Earthy or rust shades like terracotta make for an earthy, rustic wedding aesthetic. Choose rust-colored bridesmaid dresses and rely on beautiful foliage décor for different shades of green.

Bright and Bold

There’s nothing subtle about this wedding color trend. Not only is mustard yellow becoming popular, especially with velvet as a design element, but jewel tones like teal, orange, and red paired together are making a bright, bold statement in 2021 weddings. If you love fuchsia, bright red and yellow, and teal, this wedding color trend is for you. Because these colors are all about being bold, don’t be afraid to choose a bright color for the tuxes and dresses, the flowers, or a fun backdrop.

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