Golf School

The Blackberry Ridge Golf School

Blackberry Ridge Golf Club is excited to announce the opening of its all-new Golf School! This center will allow Blackberry Ridge professional staff to continue expanding its current golf lesson and equipment fitting operations. The center features two hitting bays (each 12′ x 14′) for golfers to hit out into the driving range and improve their game.

Golf Lessons for Beginners and Pros Alike

Skip the driving range for a relaxed atmosphere. Work on your game with golf lessons from our professional staff. Our instructors have over 50 years of experience providing golf lessons for beginners, hobbyists, and even top collegiate and mini-tour players.

With the Flightscope technology from Blackberry Ridge, you can get a detailed analysis of your swing. Additionally, you’ll know exactly how the ball behaves when it leaves the club. With this knowledge, you can save strokes by making micro-adjustments at the professional level.

Our staff works with students to understand dynamics and perfect their techniques using this feedback. These sessions are tailored to every player, leading to better games and more enjoyable golf. With professional help from our Golf School, you’ll see benefits specific to your game and apply them to the course.

Golf Fitting for Everyone

Blackberry Ridge is also proud to expand its golf fitting capabilities. Every golfer knows that a proper golf club fitting can separate themselves from the competition. The Golf School is fully equipped with TaylorMade fitting carts and components to get any golfer adequately fitted for the best equipment in the game.

Flightscope technology is available to assist in the fitting process. Custom-fit golf clubs are an investment in your game. We understand this investment and craft equipment perfectly suited to your needs in response.

Along with fittings, patrons can utilize other equipment offerings like grip changes, lie loft changes, current club assessments, and wedge stamping

We look forward to improving your game at the Blackberry Ridge Golf School! Contact us today for more information, and to experience all we have to offer, contact us today.