It’s one of the first things you must decide before the wedding planning begins: when will you get married? Do you prefer a fall wedding or maybe something in the winter? What about a Friday or a Saturday? Check out these tips before you choose your perfect date to get married.


Give Yourself Time to Plan

You must first consider how long it is going to take you to plan the wedding. You don’t want to choose a date too soon that will only give you a few months to plan. Typically, couples spend between one and two years engaged before they tie the knot. Choosing a date at least a year out should provide you ample time to check everything off your list.


Consider Special Dates

Are there any anniversaries or special dates that you would like to get married on? Think about a date that may be symbolic to you both. Before you choose to marry on a popular holiday, consider if your guests would be more or less likely to attend. You’ll also want to avoid choosing a time of year where you or your partner are extremely busy with work, as it may be tough to take time off for the wedding and honeymoon.


Consider the Season

What time of year do you want to get married? If you have a specific aesthetic in mind, one season may work better than the other. For instance, if you want to get married outside, choosing a date in the middle of winter might not be the best idea, unless you’re getting married in a tropical paradise.


This is a good time to also think about your budget. If you choose to get married during peak wedding season (think late spring and early fall), the demand will be higher, and so will the costs. If you choose to get married in a less popular month (the middle of winter), chances are you will have better luck at snagging a deal or two. It’s also more affordable to get married during the week or even on a Friday as opposed to marrying on a Saturday.


Allow Some Flexibility

Perhaps you have a perfect date and a perfect wedding venue in mind, but the venue doesn’t have availability that day. Many times, the wedding date is influenced by availability of venues, photographers, and caterers, so if you are set on any of those details, be flexible with your wedding date in order to secure your dream venue, photographer, and/or caterer. Be willing to consider other dates near your original date choice, or decide if you may be willing to wait an extra year.


You may want to pull some important guests into the decision-making process, such as your parents or siblings, but ultimately, be sure that you and your partner agree on the final date.