If you’re in the midst of wedding planning, between the color swatches and cake samples, you have to determine whether or not you need to hire a wedding event coordinator. There’s a reason they’ve become increasingly popular in the last few years.


They’re commonly mistaken as the same thing, but wedding planners and wedding coordinators are quite different from one another. A wedding planner will help plan the entire wedding from start to finish. They’ll help you decide on a color scheme, tour wedding venues, and choose the most elegant invitations and decorations. The wedding planner will keep you within your budget, negotiate contracts, and hire vendors. They’ll also coordinate the wedding day. A wedding coordinator, on the other hand, helps you coordinator the festivities on the day of the wedding. They will step into their role a few months or a few weeks before the wedding (depending on how much assistance the couple needs) to make sure that everything is organized and taken care of as the wedding day approaches. They’re focused on the logistics, not on the color scheme or theme you’re deciding on.


Wedding coordinators are the perfect option for couples who want to plan their wedding themselves, but they’d like a little help making sure they’ve covered all their bases and the wedding day goes smoothly. There are many couples that would prefer to plan their wedding, but realize quickly how stressful it can be, and understand that they will need a little advice and guidance from a professional. Couples will typically book the services of the wedding coordinator once they begin wedding planning, but the coordinator’s role doesn’t truly begin until much closer to the wedding day. They’ll make sure you have everything booked and put into place so that no one is left wondering on the day of the wedding why nobody thought to book a DJ.


A wedding coordinator will help you feel like a guest at your own wedding. You don’t want to be running all over the place trying to talk with the caterers who are low on food while you’re trying to mingle with guests. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of photos, only to be interrupted to be told that the florist is running late and might not make the ceremony. It would be hard to hide the stressed look on your face during photos! The wedding coordinator will take care of all of this. Their job is to not only perform damage control, but to organize wedding details and keep the wedding party and family on track. Essentially, they’ll make sure that the wedding you have spent months (or years) planning is carried out exactly as you envisioned it.


Blackberry Ridge offers experienced event coordinators that will assist with wedding planning and wedding day operations, so that all you have to worry about is enjoying your day.