Fall is a great time for golf, even though it is the end of the season for those with brutal winters like in Minnesota. The summer heat is long gone, making way for beautiful autumn colors and crisp, comfortable temperatures that make golf even more enjoyable. However, fall brings about different course conditions that you need to be aware of before you grab your clubs, hop on the cart, and head out to the greens.



The cooler fall weather is perfect for those individuals who aren’t particularly fond of the hot weather. Layer up for chilly fall mornings and prepare for warm sunshine by the time the afternoon sun hits and reflects the beautiful fall foliage.


However, there are few weather conditions you need to watch out for:



Now that the we don’t have the high summer temps, you need to pay attention to frost. Walking on a frost-covered course can cause unnecessary damage. Call the course before you head out for a round to make sure that frost covering isn’t an issue that day.


Course Damage

Grass obviously does not grow as quickly in the fall as it does in the summer. To compensate for this, grass is left to grow taller to not only make it generate easier but to ensure the grass stores necessary energy during winter months. This will help with playability, but because the grass is growing slower, there are spots that will not recover from damage as quickly. You’ll be more likely to see traffic signs and ropes navigating you away from sections of the course that aren’t playable.



Golf courses are already designed to be beautiful. At Blackberry Ridge, golfers are surrounded by wooded terrain. When the colors begin to change, it is truly breathtaking. It makes for a serene golf experience. When you are calm and relaxed, you’re more likely to have a great golf game.

Fewer Golfers

Vacations are fewer and far between in fall compared to summer, so naturally you will see fewer golfers on the course. That gives you better access to the greens. Tee time demands will have reduced, so you can take your time on the course. You most likely won’t be rushed and you won’t be rushing others.


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