Unfortunately for those of us that live in colder states, once the snow hits, we can’t hit the golf course anymore. But that doesn’t mean that you need to say goodbye to golf until the temperatures warm up again. The offseason provides the perfect time for you to work on your golf game.



Take stock of your golf season. Did your game improve, or did it worsen? Evaluate your golf game and decide on realistic, measurable goals for the upcoming season. Focus on your stats to determine what you can improve or what you should change for the upcoming season. Now might be a good time to educate yourself about different techniques that can help you improve your game, like specific drills.


Work on your Swing

In cold climates, you only get up to about eight months of playing time per year. If you don’t work on your golf swing over the offseason, you could spend the first few months of next year’s golf season working on your swing. Try to hit up a heated driving range or try out training aids to keep your golfing muscles strong and your swing stronger. Keep this up all winter, and your swing will be ready for the spring.


The cold winter months might even be a great time for you to take a trip to a warm destination with great golf courses, like one from this list.


Switch out your Equipment

Is it time to upgrade your gear? It’s better to get a new set of clubs during the offseason, because it gives you time to adjust to the new clubs before you have to put your skills to the test in a real game. If it’s time to get a new pair of gloves, shoes, or balls, think about it now so that you are ready when the season starts again.


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