Looking to take things up a notch for your spring golf season? You can seriously improve your golf swing with a little bit of practice and extra focus. Check out our tips to help you improve your spring golf season at Blackberry Ridge!

Slow it Down

Speed typically equals distance, but if you’re going so fast that you’re rushing through the steps that lead up to your swing, you may not be achieving the results you desire. You want to take the time to get into the proper form. Adjust your position and observe your surroundings. Are you in the right posture? Is the sun in your eyes? Do you need to wait a second for the wind to die down? Keep the speed only in your swing—preferably your downswing, and take your time everywhere else.

Power Down

Misplaced power won’t do you any good in your golf swing. If you put all your energy into your golf swing, you may end up with a ball going anywhere but where you want it to. You’ll want to focus on the fluidity of your golf swing; your force should be evenly distributed throughout your torso and hips, not just your arms. Your torso, hips, and arms should move in one fluid movement as you swing. Power does not come from the arms, it comes from the body.

Focus on your Grip

Your golf grip is one of the most important aspects of a successful golf swing. It’s a delicate balance between a firm, yet relaxed grip.

Get your Stance Right

Your stance is incredibly important if you want to have a great spring golf season. You should be balanced, yet able to move and rotate freely as you swing.

Mind your Target

When you take a swing, are you looking at the golf ball or your target? Depending on your answer, you may have some work to do. You should keep your head steady and focused on the golf ball until just after you have made contact with the ball, in which case you can look to the target. Without focusing on the golf ball itself, you may miss the ball entirely.

Remember, your swing might not be absolutely textbook perfect, but you can still have a great spring golf season if you focus on perfecting your own swing and what works best for you. Practice the steps above for a great season! To check out more spring golf tips from Blackberry Ridge, visit: https://blackberryridgegolf.com/about-us/blog/.