Will you be hosting your summer or fall wedding outdoors? Not only will you have to account for weather conditions, you’ll also have to consider other details that you wouldn’t have to think about if your wedding was indoors, such as finding bathroom and electricity options. Follow our tips to host an outdoor wedding that will go off without a hitch.


Depending on the month you choose to host your wedding, there are different weather conditions you’ll have to account for, and it’s best to have a plan for no matter what happens.


If you choose to host your wedding in the dead of summer, you’ll need to plan for hot weather. Consider having a designated shaded area or tents for people to cool down if they get overheated. Water misters or portable air conditioning units are a great idea, and you can give out mini fans as wedding favors. When you’re choosing a specialty drink, go for a refreshing classic like a mojito and ensure there’s plenty of water and ice to go around.


They say rain is a good thing on your wedding day, but not if your wedding is outside. Worrying about rain? Talk to your venue to see what their plan is if it rains. They may have tents to put up or a space indoors that your wedding party can occupy. Remember to rent a dance floor if your wedding is taking place in a rainy area, or your guests will get muddy when they try to get their groove on.

Keep the Kids Entertained

To keep the kids from wandering of or getting bored, have a dedicated game area. Yard games will keep them entertained, and they’re a fun option for the adults, too.


You’ll need electricity to power the equipment that your band or DJ uses. You’ll also need electricity for additional lighting. If this seems like a daunting task, it’s not; you can utilize generators for electricity.


Don’t forget the bathrooms! The last thing you want is for your guests to be having a great time dancing and drinking until they realize there isn’t a bathroom. Skip the porta potties and instead choose a nicer portable restroom option. They make luxury portable restrooms!

Embrace the Outdoors

If you’re choosing to have an outdoor wedding, chances are that you and your partner love nature. So embrace it! Highlight the beauty of the outdoors by keeping it simple and incorporating nature into your décor. String lights from the trees, use flowers and vines for table centerpieces, and hang chandeliers to illuminate your space.

Don’t forget to plan for bugs. Consider having the wedding space sprayed for mosquitoes a day or two before the big day, or at the very least have citronella candles.

Have Fun with the Menu

An outdoor wedding allows you a lot more fun and creativity with the menu. Channel the fun of a Hawaiian luau meal, a backyard barbeque, or a New England clambake.

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