Are you looking to play a round of golf and enjoy the summer sunshine? Here at Blackberry Ridge, we have rolling, wooded terrain and challenging holes that will entertain every golfer.

Many people prefer to see what they’re getting into before they start a round of golf. Let’s learn a little bit more about what Blackberry Ridge has in store for you when you visit us.


Many golfers love playing a round of golf on a new course, so if you haven’t visited us before, you’re in for a treat. Our front 9 holes starts out with a great risk-reward tee shot—depending on if you want to start out your game with a bang. With a nice blend of trees and native grass areas, the view is as great as the game itself and allows you great approach shots. The front 9 holes are a little longer than the back 9 holes; you can play it between 2,585 yards and 3,532 yards.


The back 9 holes start out with a par 5 hole, a tough par 3 hole, and then another par 5 hole. With well-placed tee shots and the wind on your side, you can successfully meet the par and avoid the water hazard. The rest of the holes are prairie-style. The course ends with a tree-lined uphill tee shot. You’ll also have to hit over a small water hazard. As you can imagine, this hole can win or lose you the game. Play it between 2,527 yards and 3,460 yards.


We recognize that many people play a round of golf at a new course and can’t wait to play there again. And while we certainly hope you come back soon, you can get a jump on your competitors by learning a bit more about the course and what you should expect. It’ll give you the chance to gain a competitive edge over your friends because you’ll have a better understanding of how to play each hole.


The next time you’re ready to play a round at Blackberry Ridge, we recommend watching our videos to come up with a game plan of how you will play each hole. Make sure you get to the course early so you keep everyone on time and you don’t feel rushed. You’ll also have time to warmup and improve your chances of playing your best game. If you have a golf GPS or watch, make sure the course is uploaded to your device!