Planning the Best Christmas Party Ever

Nearly every office will have a Christmas party this year. But a party is only as good as the effort you put into planning it. That’s why Blackberry Ridge is opening itself up to the public this year for the holiday season. With our venue and amenities, you can take an ordinary party and make it one that your coworkers will remember for years to come.


Becoming the Early Bird

We’ve all heard the phrase, but we assure you that it’s important to refresh yourself with it this year. Hosting your next part for the holidays at an outside venue is one of our favorites. But this is one of those office Christmas party ideas that will need a good amount of planning in advance. You’ll want to move quickly to establish a time for your venue. With the holidays comes winter weddings, special events, and conferences. It can be nearly impossible for a venue to squeeze you in at the last minute. So, if you are thinking of having the best office Christmas party ever this year, make sure to have reservations far in advance.


Selecting Your Amenities

No two office workers are the same. Some will prefer to spend their time on the dance floor, while others will gravitate to the open bar and patio to relax. You might even want to take up your clubs and hit the course at the end of the workday. Regardless of how you choose to spend your time, a variety of amenities will keep your guests happy and entertained for the whole day or night.


A Whole New Level of Service

The best part of a venue should be its staff. Providing your partygoers with a professional event coordinator, service-oriented staff, and an excellent set of chefs will set your party apart. Working with an unbeatable staff is one of our favorite office Christmas party ideas because it frees you from having to worry about the logistics. Instead, you get to show up, kick up your feet, and let your hair down.


Partnering With Blackberry Ridge

We think the best office Christmas party ever happens right here with us. In addition to all the amenities we mentioned previously, Blackberry Ridge has a view that is certifiably breathtaking. Or course and clubhouse offer your guests a once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate the year’s closing with music, games, and conversation. Close out this year right by booking with us. Contact us today to get started.