Don’t Put Away Those Clubs

At this time of year, you’ve no doubt had a few friends tell you that they’re putting away their clubs. What they don’t understand is that fall is one of the best times to golf. So, if you’re thinking about stowing your bag in the garage to collect dust until spring, think again. We’ve compiled a list of reasons that you should wait until the very last second to stow your clubs away for winter.


Embracing the Weather

Plenty of people think the weather declines quickly after the summer season. But there is still plenty of rounds left before snow sets in. It can also be a much better time to golf than the summer. That sticky summer heat can make golfing unbearable, especially for older club members who may need more shade. Fall golf plays much cooler, allowing better teeing conditions in the early afternoon than in the summer. Adding an extra layer to your outfit can grant you weeks of additional play. We recommend one of the windbreakers from our shop.


Golfing in the autumn will also be less wet than in Spring. Spring is the season of rain, leading to soggy fairways and wet greens. If you don’t like playing in those conditions, then fall golf is the answer to what ails you.


The Course Has Never Been Better

Turf conditions in the fall can’t be beat, meaning your play can’t either. Additionally, the fairways won’t be baked-out like they can during the months of summer. Tee boxes are spotless and unscarred, fairways are neat, and greens will roll true.


With these conditions, which you can only get in fall golf, the course will be in excellent condition during your tee time.


All-Time Highs for Availability

Remember those golfers that put away their clubs? So do we. That’s why golfing in the autumn is so great. Less people having their clubs ready for a round means that the course will be much more available. Squeezing in a tee time, navigating around other player, and disturbances during your play will be at a minimum. This quality makes fall one of the best times to golf in our opinion.


Memorable Views

We saved the best for last. Nothing compares to how a golf course looks in the fall. Golf in the autumn is hued with orange, reds, and browns that you only get to see once a year and for a limited time. There’s no better view than of Blackberry Ridge. Don’t just take it from us. Book a tee time now and see it for yourself.