Minnesota winter brings many things: icy roads, drifts of snow, frigid temperatures, and reduced daylight. Given all that baggage, it is no surprise that they also bring the end of the golf season. While some more adventurous golfers persist throughout the fall, Minnesota winters eventually claim all courses. These closures can be a problem for both the avid and leisurely golfer. How can a Minnesotan maintain or improve their game over the golf off-season?

Solutions for the Golf Off-Season

Creating an indoor putting practice area can be a simple solution to hone one of the most critical areas of the game. The crafty golfer can easily arrange for practice drills and skill honing home games. With slightly more ingenuity and perhaps a little money, an indoor driving range can be created in a garage or large room. Opinions differ on whether the most effective off-season solution is an indoor practice range or saving up for new golf clubs.

Most golfers must compensate for poor equipment, leading to shoddier swings and strokes. However, even simple steps, like fine-tuning your golf grip, golf swing, or golf posture, can create tremendous improvements in your golf game. New clubs may require an adjustment period but playing with clubs that have been custom fit for your body allows your fundamentals to improve quickly.

Alternative Golf Training Ideas

Golf adjacent activities can make an impact. Weight training, and regular workouts, can assist the golf game just as much as golf training. Increasing flexibility can improve your range of motion, which helps everything from your swing to your other fundamentals.

Seeking professional training is another option for improving your golf game. Using professional guidance can allow you to maintain or grow your golf game, even at home during the golf off-season. Public driving ranges and golf game venues offer additional out-of-home resources for individuals looking to continue their golf training or utilize their golf tips, and a destination golf trip can also be a wonderful winter treat for the adventurous.

If you need some golf tips for this winter season, keep an eye out for new blogs from Blackberry Ridge. And if the sound of better clubs sounded like music to your ears, visit our pro shop to find your next favorite clubs, gloves, golf balls, and other gear.