Navigating the Top Christmas Gifts for Golfers

If you know someone who loves to golf, then you’ve probably seen multiple articles cataloging numerous gift ideas. We think however that you should avoid some of these gifts. For instance, unless you know things like a person’s club preferences, balls of choice, or necessary upgrades to their existing gear, it can be difficult to buy the right gift. Instead, we have a few Christmas gift ideas for golfers that won’t break the bank and are guaranteed successes.

Utilizing the Pro Shop

Most golfers have a club they belong to. If you’re purchasing a gift for an avid golfer, ask them about their favorite courses. Be sure to ask about the clubhouse, and if the course has a good pro shop. Rather than spending money on a new club or rangefinder, you can instead opt to get them a gift certificate to their favorite pro shop. Now the golfer in your life can select something of their choice that will enhance their game. And the chances are that they’ve likely been eyeing things in the pro shop for a long time, especially if they’ve passed by the shop after a few holes.

This has the bonus of keeping your money at the local golf shop, rather than buying from a big retailer. A gift to the pro shop is just one of the many top Christmas gifts for golfers—and probably the most versatile.

Tickets and Events

Golf courses host events regularly for charities, businesses, and other organizations. These events can be a great way for the golfer in your life to dedicate a day to golf, enjoy the clubhouse, and make new friends. The problem is that these events can have entry fees. One of the great Christmas gift ideas for golfers is to simply buy them an entry to one of these events.

Perhaps you can ask them if there are any events coming up that they would like to attend. Feel free to be sneaky here. Find out their favorite courses and look at any events coming up. If your golfer doesn’t have a preference, then select an event you think they would find fun. Or you could find a good cause to support instead and feel good that your gift will also benefit more than just the golfer in your life.

The Simple Beauty of a Tee Time

Booking a tee time is a great way to surprise your loved one with a round. Most courses allow you to book them online. You can book one (or a few) in advance and reveal the times to your significant other. If their schedule is constantly changing, you can instead make a certificate that promises you will book them a few tee times in the coming months.

A tee time is a great Christmas gift. If you’re looking to get a few for your loved one at Blackberry Ridge, you can book a tee time here. And hopefully, with these ideas, you can make this holiday season a special one for the golfer in your life.