Are you getting married this summer? The COVID-19 pandemic has made us all think differently about how we interact in public, and that will trickle down to how couples decide to plan their weddings. Event spaces are limiting guests and some may even require a COVID vaccination for attendance. Learn more about what’s trending for summer 2021 weddings, including some information about how couples are adapting to COVID-19 changes.

Skip the Buffet

Serving your reception meal buffet-style is a tradition a lot of couples follow, but couples are straying away from that in 2021 for safety reasons. Many couples are simply skipping the traditional reception with a full meal and choosing to host a cake and champagne reception or an appetizers-only reception. Plated dinners are always a great option, but you’ll see food trucks and artfully designed boxed lunches gaining popularity in 2021.


Many couples are choosing not to throw extravagant weddings with huge guest lists in exchange for smaller, more intimate and cozy weddings. Consider having a private ceremony for just you and your partner and a few guests, then throwing a reception with a guest list that’s smaller than what you may have once imagined. And skip the receiving line. You may also decide to stream your wedding, allowing guests to join in via Zoom or Facebook. You could also send a recording to guests that couldn’t make it.

An intimate wedding works well with the rustic, whimsical style that is trending. Blend natural elements with industrial and modern styles for a trendy wedding that is sure to be unforgettable.

Skip the White and Green Florals

Green and white florals have been incredibly popular the last few years, but couples are choosing, darker, richer tones nowadays. Think deep shades like burgundy, purple, and burnt orange. Other couples are combining bold colors with classic shades, like blush or cream with bold red or hot pink. You may also choose multiple color palettes: one for the ceremony and another, more intense yet harmonious palette for the reception. Either way, coral will be the it color for 2021 weddings.

Ask for Honeymoon Contributions

More often than not, couples are already living together when they get married. That means wedding registries are not full of once-traditional gifts anymore, like dishes and kitchen gadgets. Instead, you will see couples asking for honeymoon contributions.

Bridal Subscription Boxes

Do you need help planning your summer 2021 wedding? Try a bridal subscription box! Subscription boxes have become incredibly popular, so it’s no surprise that a box designed specifically for brides is now on the market. Especially with COVID restrictions, a bridal subscription box can help to make sure brides still feel special during the planning process.

Switch up your Wedding Party

More and more, we’re seeing non-traditional wedding parties that include grandparents, pets, “bro-maids,” and “groom women.” You get to make the rules!


If you have yet to find your perfect dress, consider one of the 2021 dress trends, such as a one-shoulder gown, an allover lace gown, or a gown with tons of sparkle. Bridesmaid dresses are getting a redesign this year, becoming much more stylish. Think lace gowns and wrap gowns. You’ll even see bridesmaids wearing all white! Check out these hair and makeup tips, too.

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