Will you be hearing wedding bells in 2021? We have tips on all the predicted Spring 2021 trends that brides and grooms will be making part of their big day. Read on if you want to have the trendiest wedding of 2021!

Social Distancing

If you are having your wedding before a vaccination for COVID-19 is established and distributed, social distancing guidelines may still be in place. Consider a scaled-back ceremony and be sure that you have social distancing measures in place. Some brides and grooms have even been including a welcome box at each table complete with personalized masks and hand sanitizer.

Romantic Lighting

Couples are embracing the romantic, whimsical style with delicate lighting in cute outdoor tents. The mood lighting creates a delightful ambiance that will have everyone feeling like they’re in a fairytale.

Go Mini

Everything is getting smaller in 2021, from the guest list, to the length of the toasts, to hors d’oeuvres, to cakes. With smaller gatherings, shorter, more intimate speeches are encouraged. Small plates or individual portions served in elegant dishes will give guests something to remember long after the day is over. Where large, intricate cakes once dominated every wedding dessert table, single-tier and mini cakes are taking the spotlight. And just because they’re smaller doesn’t mean they can’t be just as intricate and beautiful!

Mismatched Details

Do you remember when having mismatched bridesmaid dresses was all the rage? Wedding planners are taking cues from that trend and using it in the décor. Mismatched seating is becoming incredibly popular. Think different-shaped tables and mismatched patterns and fabrics on the chairs. With the rise in visual planning, it’s easy to see how beautiful this can look in your event space.


Because couples may not be able to go as big as they wanted to, they will lean into smaller details to go over-the-top with. Experts predict a major focus on wedding flowers—from the bouquets to the arrangements on the tables. Choose floral arrangements that not only fit with the food and the style of the wedding, but ones that may have sentimentality for you as a couple.

Weekday and Late Morning Weddings

Weddings during the week have become increasingly popular not just because they are typically more affordable, but because the venue and vendors are more likely to be available. Your dream venue or photographer may not be available on the weekend of your choosing, but shifting to just a few days later during the week could mean making that dream come true. Couples will also begin to host brunch weddings to embrace impeccable lighting and incredible food.

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