Sometimes, all a hard-working team needs to perform at their peak is a little rest, relaxation, and bonding. Corporate retreats combine fun, morale-boosting events with team-building exercises and workshops that develop your team’s ability to work well together. The best activities to include at your corporate retreat vary based on the composition and specialization of your team, but there are a few events that are always beneficial, such as keynote speakers or skill-building seminars.   

The Benefits of a Corporate Retreat 

In the current corporate landscape, the best team is the one that coordinates well with each other. Retreats and company events provide an opportunity for teams to deepen their bonds and form trusting relationships they can draw upon at the office. By including a mix of fun and practical activities at their company event, leaders can bring teams closer together while helping them recharge their proverbial batteries. 

Retreat Event Ideas 

Before you start you start committing to specific activities, consider the goal of the retreat and the preferences of your team members. A team of laser-focused, practical programmers might prefer to hone their skills with a coding competition, while a more laid-back team can benefit from some friendly competition over a game of flag-football.  

Not all events work well for every team, but there are a few event types that are good choices for any retreat, including city tours, workshops, and more.  

City Tours 

If you’re hosting your retreat in a different city, local tours are a great way to keep your team engaged as they discover their own fun. Make sure there’s something for everyone by including a variety of different stops on your tour, such as local restaurants, shops, breweries, or hiking paths.  

Business Seminar 

Retreats are a great way to recharge an exhausted team, but they’re also an excellent opportunity to develop new competencies. In fact, a study conducted by the Association for Talent Development found companies that offer formalized training for their employees enjoy up to 24% percent more profitability. In addition to seminars, businesses can also offer workshops and lectures to help keep their employees on track to reach their professional goals.  

Sporting Events 

A classic game of flag football or softball helps teams learn to work together toward a common goal—and they’re plain fun.  Consider offering special prizes or incentives to the winning team to encourage quick thinking, critical decision making, and trust building.   

Team Competitions 

If your team isn’t the sportiest, you can get many of the same benefits with team games like programming contests or graphic design competitions. Pair individuals up in groups to ensure teamwork remains a focus.  

Plan Your Retreat at Blackberry Ridge  

A well-executed company event can not only boost employee productivity, but it can also have a long-lasting positive impact on your team and business. The stunning vistas and beautiful natural landscapes that make up Blackberry Ridge are the perfect backdrop for any corporate event. Workshop employee skills in our spacious company event center, then drop on by Grill19 for a delicious meal. After your team finishes, they can relax and enjoy our luxurious 18-hole golf course!

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