As one of the oldest modern sports in the world, golf has earned a reputation as an activity that’s easy to learn but hard to master. The foundational rules are simple—hit the ball into the hole in the fewest number of strokes possible, but actually doing it is another matter entirely. Because of the practice and skill involved in golf, the sport can be intimidating for new players, especially kids.  

Fortunately, junior golf camps provide an opportunity for children to learn the game from professional golf instructors that can simplify the rules and help kids get comfortable out on the golf green. In addition to golf instruction, junior camps also provide kids with opportunities to make new friends and develop communication, socialization, and emotional skills.  

Socialize and Make New Friends 

Some kids have trouble making friends, especially if they don’t participate in clubs or sports. While golf isn’t a team sport, it does provide opportunities for children to interact with one another as competitors, both during matches and in the clubhouse. Having something in common with other kids can make it easier for shy children to break out of their shell and create lasting friendships.  

Improve Concentration and Discipline 

Unlike other sports—like football or basketball—golf usually operates on an honor system. During a casual game of golf, there are no referees, umpires, or other officials on the golf green. Players are responsible for recording their own performance, making junior golf camps an excellent way to teach children the value of honesty, integrity, and sportsmanship. 

Spend Time with Family 

One of the beautiful things about golf is that it can be enjoyed by players of any age or size. Once they learn the basics, kids will be ready to spend a day out on the golf green with their family. Golfing with your children every weekend is an excellent way to keep familial relationships strong—all while encouraging your kids to have fun outdoors! 

Encourage Outdoor Play 

Studies have found that children who engage in regular outdoor play are more likely to develop positive cognitive, physical, and emotional habits. Playing in a junior golf camp not only keeps kids engaged and entertained, but it also connects them with nature and provides concrete health benefits, including increased vitamin D levels and a more stable circadian rhythm 

Boost Physical Health 

Since golf is an outdoor sport that involves physical activity, it naturally strengthens certain aspects of health. The movements in golf strengthen the spine and core muscles, as well as hand-eye coordination, which can improve performance in other activities and sports like baseball, hockey, and even video games.  

Golf also offers a great opportunity for your children to get their steps in. Depending on the size of the golf green, your kids could walk as many as several miles per game.  

Get Your Kids Equipped at Blackberry Ridge’s Golf Pro Shop 

Before your kids can join a junior camp, they need the right golf gear. The pro shop and golf school at Blackberry Ridge provide golfers of all skill levels with the golf gear they need to stay competitive—without worrying about equipment rental costs. From gloves to drivers to putters, our pro shop and golf school have what you need.  

Register for a Junior Golf Camp at Blackberry Ridge 

Joining a junior golf camp is a great way for children to make new friends and spend time outdoors. Not only will our professional instructors teach your children the fundamentals of the game, but the patience, respect, integrity, and self-regulation kids learn in our camp set them up for success—both in the sport and beyond. Don’t forget to stop into our golf pro shop and stock up on the latest golf gear you’ll need to beat the rental costs and excel on the golf green.    

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