If you’re getting married in 2020, you have the advantage of a brand-new decade, which means a new decade of wedding trends to choose from. 2020 is all about saying goodbye to rules. Anything goes! Bold color is replacing neutrals, greenery and dried flowers are taking over bouquets, bridesmaids are wearing mismatched dresses, and there is a focus placed on sustainability.


Greenery and Dried Flowers

Fresh flowers are in, and greenery and dried flowers are taking over. Greenery has been popular for a while, but dried flowers are just beginning to have their moment. Don’t just use greenery in bouquets—it makes for beautiful draping and ceiling treatments. Think about painting or bleaching dried flowers. If you still want to do fresh flowers, mixing in dried flowers with fresh adds a nice texture.



Sustainability isn’t just a trend—it’s an important lifestyle individuals are adopting as the threat of global warming looms large. Some brides and grooms are opting to purchase secondhand, vintage dresses, rent rather than buy tuxes, and wear recycled wedding bands. Others are aiming for a zero-waste wedding by repurposing flowers or relying on more sustainable food options, like farm-to-table or plant-based meals.


Fun Favors

People are getting creative with their favors. Butter mints are out, and unique is in. Couples are opting for usable favors, like artisan soaps and bath bombs. They’re choosing mini bottles of fancy oils or salt blends. Some are even making charitable donations in guests’ names as an altruistic option. Either way, 2020 is the year to get creative about your wedding favors.



Neutrals have been the trend for a while, but change is coming in 2020. Colors are becoming popular again. Skip the pastels, and instead opt for fun, bold colors. It can add a refreshing twist to your wedding theme, especially when you choose rich tones for linens. Playing with patterns can be fun too, especially for the table décor.


After Parties

Rather than heading back to the hotel or to a bar after the wedding, some couples are choosing to throw fun after parties in another space where guests can let loose a bit and enjoy a midnight snack. Couples are also taking advantage of wedding venues that serve a snack before guests leave, like pizza, cookies, and fast food favorites.



One last piece of advice: stay away from comparing your wedding to others on social media! If you want your wedding to feel unique, don’t copy something you see on Instagram. Your wedding planner will help you come up with a totally unique, totally you wedding concept.