While golf courses are typically a place to de-stress with friends or coworkers after a long week at work, they can also serve as venues for all manner of events—from weddings to company retreats. When you book a golf course for your next engagement, you maximize your chances of a successful event and ensure your guests enjoy top-quality service and exciting activities.



Benefits of Golf Course Events

A golf course combines beautiful outdoor scenery (indoor venues are also available) with a range of services to help events go off without a hitch, including:


Quality Food

Food plays a central role in many types of events, including birthday parties, graduations, and more. For larger events, however, preparing enough food can be time-consuming and difficult to coordinate, especially if you’re already planning the rest of the event. Golf courses are used to preparing high-quality meals for their patrons, so there’s no need to stress about the quality or quantity of the food.


A Versatile Space

Large events that take place in indoor event venues can often feel cramped or overstuffed. Holding your next event at a golf course ensures patrons always have somewhere to go when the main event space gets too hectic.


Convenient Parking

Large events can lead to congested parking lots and frustrated guests. Most golf courses are built with ample parking space to accommodate large golf tournaments and similar events, so there’s no need to stress over costly offsite parking.


Event Options

Several types of events work well on golf courses, including:



Golf courses are a popular venue choice for weddings. Along with the above benefits, the pristine landscaping of a golf course is the perfect backdrop for wedding photography, no matter the season. Unlike some wedding venues, golf courses have the space to accommodate all aspects of a wedding, including the reception, the afterparty, and even the ceremony itself.



Celebrate your birthday in style. Holding your next birthday bash at a golf course allows you to celebrate amongst beautiful vistas and great food. You could even get a few rounds of golf in to celebrate the start of the next chapter of your life.


Prom or School Dances

Prom is an exciting event for any high schooler. Golf courses make excellent prom venues, as they offer beautiful scenery to dance in and food far beyond what you’ll find in a school gym. Unlike an event hall or gymnasium, golf courses can be easily decorated to match the theme of an event, making them perfect for seasonal dances.


Corporate Events

Corporate events vary in their level of formality. A golf course can be adapted to suit the tone of any corporate event—from formal indoor conferences to more casual outdoor retreats.



Whether it’s your high school or family reunion, a golf course offers all the amenities you could need. Relax and chat with family members at the bar or play a few rounds with your in-laws. Reunions are a time to bond with friends and family, and there’s no better place to do that than a golf course


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