There’s nothing better than spending a crisp fall day out on the golf course. Of course, playing golf in the fall brings its own challenges, so make sure you’re stocked up on fall golf apparel. While slick styles won’t score you that hole in one, they will keep you warm and boost your confidence with each swing!

Fall Clothing Ideas

Fall offers a nice reprieve from the summer humidity, but autumn temperatures can drop quickly, and rain can make an already cool day uncomfortably cold. You’ll want to make sure you wear fall golf attire with multiple layers to keep you warm while you play.


A Quarter-Zip Jacket

Sleek and minimalist, a quarter-zip jacket will keep you warm on cold days while adhering to most golf course dress codes.

A Down Vest

A down vest offers more significant warmth while allowing your arms to move freely. By leaving the arms uncovered, down vests allow players to stay warm without sacrificing their perfect golf swing.


Golf Boots

During the rainy fall months, golf courses tend to accumulate small puddles across the play area. Waterproof golf boots allow players to traverse wet courses without worrying about getting their feet wet or ruining their expensive summer golf shoes.



Trousers are an integral part of any fall golf outfit. Trousers come in several different styles and types, including those made from water-repellant fabric and those lined with warm fleece.


Full-Button Layer

This layer can be more casual and offer a lightweight option for when you need a bit of extra protection against the fall weather.



Joggers offer the same warmth and comfort as sweatpants but with a more professional look. Joggers can also be custom tailored to maximize the amount of heat they trap.


Fall Accessories and Gear

Trousers, vests, and boots are just the foundation of a well-curated fall golf outfit. Players can use a range of accessories to make their outfits even warmer and look good while doing it.


Some accessories that complement fall golf wear include:



Keep your head warm and look stylish with a beanie. There are a nearly endless variety of beanies out there, including ones branded with your favorite musical groups, sports teams, or clothing companies. If you’re willing to splurge, you and your golf league could invest in custom-embroidered beanies for a cohesive look on the green!



Belts tie together the entire outfit and imbue your look with an air of professionalism and experience.


Golf Gloves

Golf gloves keep your hands warm while improving your game by giving you a better grip on your clubs in wet conditions. Consider inserting hand warmers in your gloves for added warmth.


Headcovers and Iron Covers

Headcovers and iron covers can protect your gear from unpredictable weather, including rain, wind, hail, and even snow. Your clubs are the most valuable part of your golf setup—make sure you keep them in in good condition.


Waterproof Bag

You can find waterproof bags in all different styles, including fanny packs, duffel bags, and everything in between. Having a waterproof bag on hand ensures you always have somewhere to stash your phone, wallet, and other valuable possessions during an unexpected rainstorm.


Sport Your New Apparel at Blackberry Ridge

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