No business is safe from the shifting nature of seasonality, especially here in Minnesota where winter brings snow back again. Event planning has seasonal trends just like any other industry. Being aware of these trends can enable you to maximize the number of options available to choose from when booking an event. Whether you’re planning a wedding, graduation, or corporate function, the further ahead of time you can get a date set the better. We’ve laid out the seasonal trends of event planning–so you’re prepared to schedule for any season.

Seasonal trends in event planning are easy to see after working in the industry for as long as we have here at Blackberry Ridge Golf Course. There are three times throughout the year when the number of events getting planned reaches a fever pitch; January-February, April-May, and September-October


Trends In Event Planning

January through February is the peak time for the number of events planned but it’s the slowest period of the year for events being held. As the holiday season fades from view, event planners are just getting started. Compared to the month of December, the number of meetings, weddings, and party requests double in January. Companies with new budgets are eager to schedule corporate events during the coming year. Young couples are excitedly scheduling their perfect summer wedding. It’s easy to see why this is one of the best, and busiest, times for event planners. The lack of events being held allows professional planners to work on other facets of the business, but all those weddings getting scheduled are going to have to happen eventually.

April through May are the Black Friday equivalent for event planners. The number of events being held ramps up to peak levels during the month of June combined with a simultaneous increase in the number of events being planned. There are several kinds of events that contribute to this busy season. First, graduation parties and commencements are beginning to get scheduled along with summer family reunions. Then the wedding bells start ringing near the beginning of May and don’t stop until summer’s end. Wedding season concurring with the planning season for familial events like graduations means outdoor venues and resorts are swamped during this season. It’s very likely they could be until the end of the summer.

September through October is a welcome break for event planners as the holiday planning season begins after the busy summer season. The kids are back in school, parents are back at work, and companies are beginning to plan their end-of-year celebrations. If you’re planning an event for your business, this is a great time to beat the crowd and get your choice of dates.


When Should You Plan Your Event?

Based on the seasonality of event planning, it makes sense to try and schedule your event sometime during the months of March or November as far in advance as possible. Those months both avoid the busy seasons of event planning and event holding–allowing you to schedule your event when you want to have it, with no fuss. Now that you know when to schedule, you’re going to need a venue that is as spectacular as the event. We’ve got you covered.

With high-end event spaces, pan catering, rustic grounds, and a stunning clubhouse, Blackberry Ridge is sure to commemorate your special day with elegance. A variety of packages means anyone can afford to have their perfect wedding or impactful company get-together here. We also have packages that pair a day on the green with your event during the warmer months for a never-to-forget retreat. We have event planners on staff that will ensure you get the most out of your time with us. Call 320-257-4653 or contact us and begin your planning today!