A trendy wedding has its benefits, but nothing beats the timelessness of a chic white dress, an elegant aesthetic, and plenty of beautiful greenery. Photos taken at a classic wedding will bring back all the best parts of your big day every time you look at them. Here are some of the most enduring wedding ideas sure to give your ceremony that timeless feel.


Color Palettes

Before selecting your color, it’s important to look at the colors of your chosen venue. That includes whether the venue is indoors or outdoors, as well as any decor present, like the wallpaper, carpet, lighting fixtures, tables, and chairs. Incorporating these colors into your palette will give you a unified look and sell the chosen theme.

Ivory, beige, gray, black, and white (of course) make fantastic, easy-to-pair, starting points for theme color choices. For an eye-popping combination, pair any of those neutral colors with any accent hues, or keep it all neutral for a pristine aesthetic. Depth can be incorporated with textured surfaces or metallic sheens.

Try colors like red, emerald, or burgundy to add drama or, for a more traditional, timeless look, pair blue and white. Color choice should depend on the seasons, as well. In the winter, darker colors like navy blue, black, gold, silver, and forest green will offer higher amounts of contrast and a refined look. In spring, opt for pastels like blush, French blue, lavender, sage green, butter yellow, or peach.



Timeless wedding flowers include roses, peonies, hydrangeas, orchids, anemones, stephanotis, and ranunculuses. Some of these may only be available during certain times of the year, so check with your vendor to make sure your favorites are ready for your big day.

When choosing your bouquet, steer clear of anything too trendy, like the oversized arrangements of loose greenery, which have recently gained popularity. Instead, talk with your floral designer about a smaller, more symmetrical bouquet. Use a limited number of flowers, and accents it with a simple satin ribbon, brooch, or lace.

For your ceremony space, consider a flower arch or flowers posted near the altar to give a natural look to the photos during the ceremony.



Classic wedding decor pieces include candelabras, chair sashes, luxe table linens, votives, and fine china. Use your color palette to guide your decor choices, and use the same types of accents throughout your wedding for a cohesive feel that’ll look great in photos. Some traditional accent pieces include pearl strands, rhinestones, or lace. Turn everyday tables into banquet tables with chic runners and drape fabrics throughout your venue.


The Dress

Finding a timeless wedding dress will always come down to the preferences of the wearer, but here are a few styles that will always do the trick. Nothing is more timeless than a minimal satin gown or more traditional than a ball gown. If ball gowns aren’t your style, a fitted gown or sheath gown presents an alternative that’s chic, elegant, and classic. Or, go for glamour with tulle, beaded embroidery, or lace details. Add a pearl necklace or silver jewelry with a polished hairstyle and understated shoes to complete your accessorizing.



Sophistication is the most important aspect when choosing a venue for a timeless wedding. Some of the venues best suited to hosting a timeless wedding include country clubs, golf courses, hotels, estates, ballrooms, and banquet halls. A preexisting vibe of classic sophistication is vital for a timeless wedding, and these venues focus on providing that kind of experience.

Golf courses and country clubs especially make fantastic options that have plenty of ways to transform their space into the aesthetic you’re seeking. Blackberry Ridge will give you an unforgettable, timeless experience for your special day. Schedule your timeless wedding with Blackberry Ridge, or learn more about our venue by scheduling a tour today!