The one thing everyone’s golf game has in common is that it can be improved. From the pros to the once-a-year players, from mechanical changes to subtle tweaks, there’s a lot you can do to lower your score and increase your enjoyment on the course. Golf lessons are the foundation on which all golf skills are built. These lessons—whether they be self-taught, from friendly advice, or professional lessons—help create and improve your golf game.


The Benefits of Golf Lessons


If you’re serious about improving your golf game, the biggest investment you can make are professional lessons. While the friendly criticisms and critiques of your cart-mates can be helpful, having a professional instructor analyze your swings and stance is a much more useful and focused way to learn.


With one-on-one lessons, you can gain insight into your problems and ask your instruction questions, allowing you to iron out problems before you hit the course for a real game. Some golf lesson packages, like Blackberry Ridge Golf Club’s Season Lesson Package, allow you to bring your instructor with you onto the course, so you can get first-hand advice on your improvement.


How to Improve Your Golf Game at Home


There are many steps you can take to improve your golf skills at home. The simplest is just that—steps. Adding cardio into your exercise routine not only helps build cardiovascular health, but it can also help build strength and speed behind your swing. Plus, it helps prepare your for the walk between all 18 holes.


Whether it’s in the backyard or park, try chipping drills for concrete improvement. Utilizing smaller space is a great way to hone your chipping skills, which are an essential part of anyone’s golf game.


The Putting Green


While putting can be attempted at home, it should be left to the manicured greens of golf courses. The soft grass of golf greens are uniquely aggravating. Using them to test the varying degrees of break on your putts can be a great way to improve your putting and reading of greens. Utilizing both the high and low ends of the break also allows you to improve your putting speed awareness.


The Driving Range


The place to improve your mid and long game is the driving range. The driving range is where the lessons are put into practice, allowing you to see and feel the difference your lessons have made.


Looking for a place to improve your golf game? With 18 holes, a driving range, a putting green, and golf lessons, Blackberry Ridge has everything you need to build your skills. Give us a call, or book a tee time today.