Planning a business event is simple. Planning a successful business event, however, takes coordination and diligent preparation to pull off successfully. During a business event, small details can be the difference between success and failure. To know which details will be important to your event, consider these questions first.

Determine Who the Event is For

The main question often asked when planning a business event is who the event is for: customers or employees. While client-centered events feature far more involvement from your customers, employee events can still have customer-facing marketing goals.

Staff Events

If you’re hosting a staff event, identify its purpose, as well as any business goals you’re looking to achieve. Celebrating the recent success of your business or a specific employee can showcase your positive, fun-loving company culture. Employee appreciation parties are a wonderful way to show your gratitude to your staff, and when shared on social media, they allow you to demonstrate your company’s generosity. Corporate retreats, speaker panels, or learning sessions can help your employees build new skills and show that you’re committed to career development.

Client Events

Client-centered celebrations may involve fundraising, client appreciation, or networking with a secondary focus on being a low-stress, high-energy day for employees. You can also use a customer-focused party to support marketing objectives or change customers’ perceptions of your company.

Tips for a Successful Corporate Event

Whether your business event is focused on your employees or customers, it’s important to make sure the attendees have a great time. Follow these tips to plan a successful corporate event:

Set a budget. Ensure the scope of the party and the budget match. Itemizing the budget may help—set aside specific amounts for the venue, food, and favors.

Engage the local community. Enlisting local restaurants for catering or local talent for entertainment is a great way to demonstrate your business’ support of small businesses.

Set an event timeline and checklist. It’s easy to get lost in the details when planning a business event. Use a timeline to keep you on track and a checklist to ensure necessary tasks get done in time.

Select a great location. Location plays an important role in attendance and turnout for your event. Choose a venue that’s convenient, unique, and large enough to fit your attendees, food, entertainment, and other event elements.

The Perfect Business Event Solution

Looking for the perfect venue? The Blackberry Ridge Event Center is a local event space which features a majestic 18-hole golf course, catering from our bar and grill, and plenty of space for your next business event. Whether you’re looking to close business deals or reinvigorate your staff, Blackberry Ridge can help. Contact us today to speak with one of our professional event coordinators.