When it comes to golf, you may think the player’s skill is more important than their gear, but even amateurs know that clubs can make a huge difference in your game. The average player doesn’t need all the technology found in a professional’s bag, but a few upgrades can revolutionize your golf game.

It’s easy to improve your game with one or two club replacements and without a massive investment. Before you select which clubs to upgrade, there are a few considerations the smart golfer—and buyer—should make.

The Most Important Golf Clubs to Upgrade

Knowing your needs will play a large part in which clubs you choose to upgrade. Are you upgrading all your clubs, or is there a specific club you need? Know which elements of your game need improvement and consider which clubs will shave off a few strokes.

Before you select the clubs to upgrade, you should also know your budget. This will help you determine if you can purchase everything you need or if need to select the few clubs that will be most impactful to your scorecard.

golf clubs to upgrade infographic

Find A New Driver and Putter

Most golfers struggle with their long and short game, making drivers and putters the most common upgrades every season. However, if these clubs are the newest in your lineup, you can wait and fill out your bag instead.

Of course, if it has been five or more years since your last upgrade, you may want to think about making diver and putter upgrades a priority. These two upgrades are especially important if your current clubs are showing signs of wear.

Putting, according to the pros, accounts for 50% of your game. It doesn’t make sense to upgrade anything else until you have a good putter. After upgrading your putter, you can focus on a new driver that shortens your yardage gap and gets you to the green in fewer strokes.

Replace Your Wedges

If you don’t think it’s necessary to replace your putter or driver, you can replace your wedges instead. Lob or sand wedges lose their bite quickly, and replacing them can greatly improve your short game.

Your wedges take a beating over the years. On average, a typical wedge will only last 65-75 rounds before you see a loss in performance. Check the current bite on your clubs using the fingernail test and find the right replacement for your bag.

Upgrade the Irons

When you have a larger budget, the best golf clubs to upgrade may be your irons. If you want to upgrade them without spending much, you can get your current irons regripped to make them feel like new. If you want irons that swing like new, however, you’ll need a new set—and make sure to get them fitted.

Fitted irons are customized to your size and can drastically improve your game. You can visit your local pro shop to get your clubs fitted. It’s important to note, however, that there will be an adjustment period. Fitted clubs might require you to work on your swing and make any necessary adjustments.

Upgrade Your Game with Blackberry Ridge

Blackberry Ridge offers lessons from our professional staff as well as custom club fitting. Whether you need a single club or are looking for a whole set, stop into our pro shop today.