Uncertainty abounds in the age of the coronavirus. Countless events have been canceled or postponed, from outdoor festivals to concerts and yes, weddings. For happy couples about to embark on marriage, one of the hardest things they may have to decide on is whether or not to postpone their wedding, cancel it altogether, or forego their plans entirely and simply get married with no guests or a reception. If you need some advice about getting married during the quarantine, read on.


Make a Dent in Your Wedding List

On the plus side, quarantine affords you the time to make a large dent in your wedding checklist. Many people are not at work or may be working fewer hours. And because many businesses are closed and events are canceled, there is extra time to dedicate to getting ahead on wedding planning. You can take the time to write your vows, decide on music, create a signature drink, and take care of logistics.


Decide Early

If you have a wedding quickly approaching, decide as soon as you can about postponing so that you can give everyone as much advance notice as possible—from vendors to guests. There is speculation that there will be a second wave of coronavirus cases, so to be extra cautious, some individuals are choosing to postpone their weddings until 2021. While it’s a tough decision, everyone will understand. Vendors, like caterers, flower shops, and photographers, are facing uncertainties too. Most vendors will be willing to work with you and rearrange dates.


Live Stream Your Ceremony

If you decide to go ahead with your wedding, you may want to offer live streaming as an option for guests that don’t feel safe in large crowds, such as elderly and at-risk populations. You may also choose to significantly cut down your guest list to accommodate social distancing recommendations. Small weddings are intimate, beautiful celebrations, and this could be a great route for you.


Get Married Now, Party Later

Many people are choosing to get married now and postpone the ceremony to a later date. You may decide to get married with only your officiant or a justice of the peace; consider live streaming this and making your postponed ceremony a vow renewal. When social distancing restrictions lift, you’ll have a great gathering where everyone feels safe.


Remember, postponing is a much better decision than canceling. You will still get the wedding of your dreams that you’ve been planning for months—it will just come at a later date. If you have any questions, we at Blackberry Ridge are happy to answer all of your questions.