At Blackberry Ridge Golf Club, Grill19 serves delicious food to those on and off the course. Our menu offers an incredible selection of the comfort foods you love, as well as a few local options and high-end twists. Our guests can receive the complete dining experience or simply stop by for a few drinks and an appetizer after a successful day on the course.

No matter how you choose to enjoy Grill19, you’ll be confident that each order is made with fresh ingredients to satisfy your appetite. And now, you can enjoy your meal while admiring the works of local artists!

An Artistic Partnership for Grill19

As a small business ourselves, Grill19 is passionate about supporting local talent in all its forms, from the creativity of cooking to the delicate artistry of tattooing. We are proud to announce that we’ll be displaying the works of local artists inside our restaurant. In addition to enjoying our excellent food and friendly atmosphere, guests can now dine among works of art before purchasing them to display in their own homes.

Grill19 is excited to introduce the first of many artists we hope to feature: Ryan Schepp of Cream City Tattoo.

Introducing Ryan Schepp

A Milwaukee native, Ryan is the owner and lead artist of Cream City Tattoo. Although he has been tattooing full-time since 1999, he relocated to St. Cloud in 2006 and opened Cream City Tattoo six years later. Since then, he has captivated St. Cloud and the surrounding areas with his impressive black-and-gray-scale realism tattoos.

Ryan’s parlor earned its moniker from his hometown’s nickname, “Cream City,” which is a reference to the cream-colored bricks used during the early years of Milwaukee’s construction. “These bricks were not only pleasing to the eye, but often superior in strength as well as excellent color-retention properties,” Ryan says.

With several other talented artists under its roof, Cream City has built a similar reputation for visually striking tattoos that remain beautiful and sharp for years to come. The parlor also contributes to St. Cloud’s local art scene by hosting drawing nights and art classes, as well as participating in local art crawls.

Not only is he an accomplished golfer—Ryan also displays work from local artists in the Cream City parlor, making him the perfect choice for our first artist feature. We look forward to seeing the incredible artwork Ryan creates in the future, and we’re extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with him.

Get a taste of Ryan’s work on his Instagram, or submit a tattoo inquiry through the Cream City website. If you’re interested in purchasing Ryan’s art for your home, office, or studio, come visit us at Grill19!

Supporting Local Artists

When you stop by to enjoy Grill19’s fantastic food and breathtaking views, you can also support your local artists by purchasing our displayed pieces. Engaging with your city’s art scene not only helps foster a sense of community and empathy—it’s also fantastic for the economy. A growing art scene attracts tourism and can bolster areas that are struggling economically—not to mention the direct financial benefit for artists like Ryan.

Looking for other ways to support our community’s local art scene? Explore your options in St. Cloud by checking out the Visit Greater St. Cloud website.

Stop By Grill19 at Blackberry Ridge Golf Course

Visit Grill19 for lunch and check out Ryan’s fantastic artwork. Browse his collection and find your next conversation piece for your home or office, or purchase a show-stopping gift for a loved one.

Book a tee time and find the Grill19 menu on our website. Visit the Blackberry Ridge blog for more updates about upcoming artist features, or contact us for more information.