Boho, vintage, romantic, rustic—there are so many wedding themes to choose from. How will you ever decide? When choosing your wedding theme, the first thing to remember is that you shouldn’t choose a theme based on trends, but rather what speaks to you and your fiancé as a couple. Choose something that represents your style. We have some tips to help you decide.


Envision your Day

Envision your wedding day. What does it look like? Whatever you’re picturing, this may play a hand in helping you decide what your theme should be. If you imagine a glamourous, lavish wedding, choose an elegant theme to match. How formal you picture the event may help you decide which theme you should choose.


Favorite Colors

Thinking about your favorite colors can help you choose a theme. If you love deep reds or burnt orange, you may think of throwing a rustic, autumn-themed wedding. If you like delicate colors like pale pinks and cream, a romantic theme might be the best choice for you.


Get Specific

Use your imagination to go deep and imagine every detail about your wedding, from the venue, the decorations, and the flowers, to the cake, the dresses, and the tuxes. When you say you want a bohemian wedding, how does that play out in each of those areas? Is it a rustic boho vibe, or a gypsy boho vibe? Get specific about these details now, as you don’t want it all to clash as details start to come together.


Think about the Seasons

If you are set on getting married during a specific time of year, your theme may come naturally. For instance, you’d probably not throw a winter wonderland theme complete with deep reds or rich greens in the middle of summer. Similarly, you may not want to throw a garden-themed whimsical wedding in January.


Go Back to your Roots

You may want to look into your family’s cultural heritage to choose a wedding theme. This is a great way to honor your family and where you come from. You can follow the traditions of your culture or decide to put a modern spin on them.



Whatever you decide, be sure that you mind your budget. Here at Blackberry Ridge, we have a professional event coordinator on staff who can help you make all your final wedding decisions. Visit us to learn more.