Are you breaking any of these golf etiquette rules? Even if you aren’t a beginner, you may want to review these golf etiquette tips so that you don’t make an embarrassing faux pas on the golf course.

Show up to Your Tee Time on Time

If you are showing up less than 15 minutes before your tee time begins, you’re doing it wrong. Golf courses prefer golfers show up approximately thirty minutes before their tee time, or it may put the remaining tee times for the day at risk.

Stay out of People’s Space

Not only is it dangerous to be too close to someone when they’re swinging, it can come off as an intimidation tactic when you stand almost directly behind them. Along the same lines, do not swing until you know that fellow golfers are out of your space. Don’t swing toward others as you’re practicing, either; you could be unknowingly swinging grass, dirt, and debris at them.

Yell “Fore!”

You should be mindful of about waiting to swing until the group in front of you is out of range, but if your ball appears to be coming close to hitting another player, yelling “Fore!” is the customary warning. Other than yelling fore if someone is at risk of being hit, you shouldn’t talk as another golfer is swinging.

Be Mindful of Where you Place your Bag

If you’re walking instead of riding in the golf cart, keep your bag out of the tee box. They can be distracting when placed here, and worse, they can scuff up the area. Place your golf bag in a logical area so that it’s easy to grab it after you’re finished holing out and you won’t have to chase it down.

Keep a Good Pace

It’s good sportsmanship to keep up a good pace as you golf so that other groups don’t have to wait on you. Take a few clubs with you from the golf cart to the tee box instead of going back and forth, and be ready to swing when it’s your turn. That means you should be present, not playing on your phone. If you’re searching for more than several minutes for a golf ball, just accept that it’s lost. Looking for more than a few minutes may put the golfers playing after you behind, too. If the golfers behind you are playing much faster, allow them to play through, or go ahead of you.

Take Care of the Course

You’ll want to leave the course in good condition when you’re done. That means following cart rules and keeping them off the greens, repairing divots and ball marks, and raking sand bunkers.

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