Golf might be all fun and games, but did you know that there are actually some safety practices that you should follow? Golf is a safe sport, but it’s safe because there are a few common-sense rules that people follow. If you’ve never played the sport and you’re about to play the game, or you’ve been away from the game for a while and you need to brush up on a few safety rules, this guide is for you.


Pay Attention to your Surroundings

Golf consists of swinging metal clubs to send golf balls cascading through the air. If you get hit with a club or a ball, you could face a serious injury. When you’re golfing, be sure that you pay attention to where you’re standing. Are you close to someone swinging a club? Are you near where their golf ball could land? Pay attention to this. You should also check to make sure no one is near you as you prepare to swing. Make sure that the golfers ahead of you aren’t in range of where your golf ball may land. Even if the group ahead of you is golfing slowly, never encroach on their territory.



There are times when you may hit the golf ball farther than expected or the ball goes in a completely different direction than you meant it to. If this happens and you are in danger of hitting someone, be sure you yell “Fore!” loudly as a warning. If you hear that being called in your direction, cover up. Protect your head, crouch behind something, and make yourself a smaller target. Don’t try to spot the ball; it’s a surefire what to get hit.



If it’s raining or lightning, you should probably call it quits for the time being. Lightning can be a serious hazard while golfing. Find shelter immediately and get away from anything metal, whether it be your clubs or metal spikes in your shoes.


Drive Safely

When driving the golf cart, it’s important you follow the instructions on the safety label. Follow the paths and don’t go off-roading. Drive at a safe speed, and don’t drive if you’ve been drinking. Be careful when you pass other drivers.


Wear Protective Clothing

While you’re out in the sun golfing all afternoon, you want to be comfortable. Wear clothing that is comfortable and lightweight. Also be sure to wear sunscreen and reapply it regularly as needed. While you’re at it, make sure you are hydrated; drink your water!


Do you have any other safety tips that you follow while golfing? Let us know!