Did you know that Blackberry Ridge hosts corporate events, too? We’re not just for weddings and golf! If your team is in high need of some bonding time, throwing a summer party can be just the thing that brings the team together. Corporate parties aren’t always well-attended because sometimes it’s the last thing team members want to do, but if you plan an exciting party in an idyllic space, the people will come.

Find the Best Venue Space

Finding a beautiful venue is your first step to hosting the ultimate summer party. Choose a venue that will offer plenty of activities for team members all day long. Give your guests time outside to enjoy the sunshine and plentiful photo ops. With a beautiful event space and the golf course, there’s plenty of opportunity for your guests to have a great time at Blackberry Ridge. There’s also a relaxing bar and grill with awesome food.

Pick a Theme

Everybody loves a good theme! Take your party to the next level by theming the food, décor, and activities. A costume party? A tiki party? A backyard barbecue? Make sure everything fits the theme—swag included. And a theme can’t be pulled together without an on-brand, Instagram-worthy backdrop for all your staff members to capture the best memories of the day!

Cater Awesome Food

You can’t go wrong with a stellar menu—it’ll get everyone excited for the event and it’ll be what guests remember afterward. You can either choose to go family-style and serve your meal for a crowd or decide to put everything in creative individual serving containers. The presentation is everything, so make it fun and unique.

Hire Entertainment

You’ll need something to keep guests entertained all day (or night) long. Of course, at Blackberry Ridge, team members will have the option to golf, but for the non-golfers of the group, consider planning other fun activities for them to enjoy. Perhaps you could hire a performer, like a comedian or a band. You could even plan hands-on activities that require team members to make something—whether it’s crafting fancy cocktails together or making a terrarium.

Give Away Favors

You can’t go wrong with swag and party favors. The members of your team will really appreciate receiving favors or swag (or both) at the end of the summer party. You can choose favors that are on-theme, or you can decide to give everyone customized apparel that they can show off at work.

To plan your next corporate event at Blackberry Ridge, contact us.