People around the country (and around the world) are excited to say goodbye to another year and excited to look to the future. The prospect of a fresh start and new beginnings can be very appealing, especially as we are still making our way out of a historic pandemic.

Hosting Your New Year’s Celebration

Of course, all good New Year’s Eve parties start with the perfect venue, but after you’ve selected a location like Blackberry Ridge for your next celebration, you’ll need to know some tips to host a celebration your guest will remember. We have some great tips to make sure your next new year’s party is a hit.

Making a Guestlist

Before you can host a party, you’ll need to know who you can invite. Our main piece of advice here is to get invitations out early. Whether it’s a gathering of friends or an office celebration, you need to notify people at least two weeks in advance of your event. This will give people time to schedule and may build a bit of hype around the party itself.

We also recommend considering the size and scope of your gathering. Make sure your venue can accommodate both the size of your party and any events you wish to do. You can usually find a venue’s amenities on their website or by calling the organization and asking questions.

Choosing Decorations

Next, after making your guest list, you should consider decorations. Do you plan to have a winter theme? Maybe you have some colors in mind that you wish to incorporate. Regardless, decorations can set the tone for the party. They contribute to the atmosphere and provide your guests with a sense of fun.

Planning for Hungry Guests

Every good party needs good food, so make sure you plan for hungry guests. Our best piece of advice here is to come up with a menu that best fits the theme and accounts for your group’s preferences. You also should be aware during this step of any allergies that your guests have.

Selecting Some Fun Activities

Finally, you’ll need some fun activities for your guests. Stellar events make all the difference between a good party and a grand celebration. Select a few activities for your guests like social games, dancing, or even physical activities. It’s best to have a wide selection to account for your guests’ preferences.

Partnering with Blackberry Ridge

When you need a suitable New Year’s Eve venue, there’s no better place than Blackberry Ridge. Our event center comes with a wide array of amenities to make your next event a massive success. Contact us today to plan your next event with us and give your guests the celebration of a lifetime.