Winter is a tough time for avid golfers. With the courses closed for months at a time, most people usually stow away the plaid pants and golf bag until spring. But we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to. The snowy season can be a great time to build a winter golf routine. Whether you do at-home golf drills, roll out your putting green, or watch golf tips from the pros, you can do plenty to improve your game over winter.

Finding Your Winter Golf Routine

During the winter, you can still work on your golf game from home. One of our best golf tips is to use this time to review your fundamentals. The best way to study is to practice your swing or putting form so you can see it. For this practice, you have two options. You can either practice your form in front of a mirror or set up a camera to capture your swing. We recommend the camera because it can be hard to watch yourself and concentrate on your form at the same time.

Don’t Neglect Your Short Game

Plenty of people use the winter to break out the putting mat or long indoor putting green. You don’t need an expensive home setup, simply set out a few cups or some homemade targets for practicing your short game. If you have garage space or room in the basement, no one will mind you taking a few chip shots to practice. With a good routine in place, your short game can improve by leaps and bounds during the winter.

Learning from the Pros

Colder temperatures mean staying indoors. If you feel like you need to stay under a blanket for the whole day to keep warm, you can still improve your game. Cold days are an excellent excuse to stay on the couch and watch some golf pros in action. You can either review old footage from the pros or learn tips from your favorite social media accounts.

If you watch pro matches, pay close attention to their decision-making and form, then try it for yourself. Pause before the next swing and guess what club and technique you would use from the same spot. Did it match the pro’s decision-making? Whether you’re on YouTube, TikTok, or Facebook, there are thousands of hours of golf tips for every experience level.

Constant Improvement

It’s easy to see that golf doesn’t end just because of the changing seasons. You can do plenty of things at home when you can’t make it to the course. Follow our guide, and we guarantee that you’ll improve before next season. In the meantime, contact Blackberry Ridge for any questions about our course or event planning this winter.