Winter weddings are complete with picturesque views, but where do you start when planning your seasonal soiree? Get ahead of any winter woes that could occur on your special day and prepare to celebrate—whether you’ve invited the snowflakes or not.


winter wedding tips infographic


Utilizing Your Venue in the Cold Weather

With unpredictable weather, securing your guest list can be a bit trickier during the winter months. Regardless, there are a few considerations in your winter weather planning that you can do ahead of time at your venue in preparation for your chilly yet beautiful day.


Stunning Wedding Photos

Your photos are sure to look stunning on the snowy backdrop. However, you’ll want to ensure your wedding party doesn’t get too chilly! As the sun sets earlier during winter months, work with your photographer to perfectly—and quickly—capture Mother Nature’s natural magic, then warm up with a hot drink inside your venue.


Cold-Weather Amenities

Don’t assume your guests will come prepared for Jack Frost nipping at their noses. Give yourself (and your guests) extra peace of mind with a recommended list of winter-wedding essentials (attire, travel accommodations, weather updates) to keep them toasty before and after the actual toast of the evening.

Make sure there are spaces to properly store coats, hats, gloves, and other winter gear. If your guests are traveling from out of town, it might be a good idea to provide a list of nearby hotels. Even if they are not intending to spend the night, adverse weather might make it necessary to hold up until a winter storm passes.

Before the day approaches, take a look at your venue’s weather history to gauge temperatures and weather trends for an idea of how to plan.


Picking a Cold-Weather Seasonal Menu

What’s the one thing every couple wants their guests to remember about their wedding? The food! Promote gathering around the table to celebrate with delicious seasonable bites.

In the winter, include hearty foods packed with rich flavor that will fill your guests with warmth and light up their taste buds. It’s good to balance anything overly adventurous with a comforting seasonal favorite like crispy brussels sprouts or baked mac and cheese. A few ideas include:

  • Rich soups, like pumpkin, squash, or tomato
  • Roasted vegetables
  • Baked potatoes (with all the fixings!)
  • A ramen bar



Keep the party going well after the vows with cozy winter cocktails. With chilly temperatures, guests will love to celebrate with seasonal classics or your own signature cocktail – especially if shaken, stirred, and served warm!  A few ideas might include:

  • Ginger Apple Cider & Brandy: Warm cider and brandy mixed with ginger and allspice
  • Hot Toddy: Warm brandy mixed with lemon and honey
  • Eggnog Martini: Eggnog, brandy, and pumpkin pie spice
  • Citrus Cosmopolitan: Vodka stirred with blood orange juice, Cointreau, orange juice, and grapefruit juice


Creating A Warm Winter Wonderland

Combating cold weather doesn’t have to mean drab winter parkas and red noses. How do you maintain your perfect day when they’re calling for snow? Your guests will appreciate a few extra warm touches:

  • Fuzzy blankets and pillows
  • DIY hot chocolate station
  • Twinkling lighting
  • A cozy fire pit


Book Your Winter Wedding Venue

Are you set on a powdery-white winter backdrop for your wedding? Blackberry Ridge offers multiple  wedding packages complete with the services you’ll need to celebrate with your family and friends. Contact us today to request a tour and discuss package opportunities. Let’s celebrate together!