Are you ready to host your next golf event? Look no further than Blackberry Ridge! There’s an exhaustive list of details you need to go over if you’d like to plan a golf event or tournament, so let’s get right to it!



There’s a list of questions you need to ask yourself before you start solidifying details and calling vendors. For starters, is this just a fun event? Will it be a benefit for a specific nonprofit organization or group? Are you fundraising for someone? A golf tournament is a great way to fundraise. Of the approximately 1 million golf events or tournaments that happen each year, 90% are for fundraising purposes. Next you want to decide who will be part of the planning committee, where you will hold your event and when, how much you will spend, who will golf, and how the public will learn about it.



Be sure you give yourself enough time to plan an event of this scale. Failing to give yourself enough time can be a major issue. Plan regular meetings to go over the details and make sure every task is being crossed off the list. You’ll want to find sponsors, market the event and create the necessary graphics and print materials, determine prizes, get food and beverages arranged, create merchandise, and more. This can’t be done in a week’s time. Give yourself and your team plenty of time to take care of each step. You also want to make sure you have a team of individuals that want to help with the event and are qualified. A committee that wants to be there will be the most helpful, but be sure that you don’t have too many people seated at the table. A committee that is well-connected in the community will also come in handy.


Choose your Course

You want a prime location for your event, and Blackberry Ridge has just the space. Not only do we have luscious greens, but we have a professional event coordinator that can help guide you through all your decisions. We have food onsite, too. The course you choose should have all the amenities you require, along with a good mix of challenging and easier holes. Once you choose the golf course, decide what type of game golfers will play, whether it’s best ball, scramble, handicapped, or medal play.


A golf event can be a wieldy task, and these are just the first few foundational steps. You’ll also need to decide on sponsors, promoting your event, accommodating the golfers, rewarding prizes, set-up, and more. If you need help planning, we’re on your side.