Picking up golf can seem intimidating for those just starting, especially when it comes to getting your first set of clubs. Here are some of our tips for those just taking up the sport.


Is Purchasing My Own Set of Clubs Worth it?

The short answer is “absolutely.” The longer answer is more of a question: do you see yourself continuing to progress and improve at the sport? If not, then renting once or twice a year when you golf with friends may suffice, but if you want to cut down on your number of strokes, then getting your own set of clubs is essential.

Having equipment that feels like home every time you use it will propel your game to new heights. Grab a set of clubs from your local thrift store or go the extra mile with a set of fitted golf clubs. Fitted golf clubs can take anywhere from 3-7 strokes off a golfer’s game and are individually sized for each player. No matter how good rentals or your set of thrift store clubs may be, it’s not going to be sized to fit your individual needs.


Which Golf Clubs Do I Need in My Bag?

Golf clubs range in size from biggest to smallest, with the larger clubs hitting the ball the farthest. A full golf club set will include a variation of the following types of clubs:

  • Drivers
  • Woods
  • Hybrids
  • Irons
  • Wedges
  • Putters


Drivers and Woods

Drivers are the farthest-hitting club in a golfer’s arsenal and will propel your ball the furthest off the tee. Woods are like drivers, except they are normally intended for slightly shorter distances for use from the fairway or off a shorter tee. It’s recommended that beginners have a driver and 3 wood in their bags.


Irons, Hybrids, and Wedges

Irons are intended to give a higher degree of accuracy by sacrificing distance. Beginners will want to put a 9, 5 or 7, and 3 or a hybrid iron in their bag to ensure they’re comfortably able to take a shot from anywhere on the course.

While technically part of the iron family, wedges were originally intended solely for hitting the ball out of sand traps and have several specific varieties, including sands, gabs, and lobs. With the shortest shaft of all the irons, wedges have the heaviest and highest loft of all clubs in the iron family. The unique shape of wedges frequently gives less experienced golfers trouble hitting the ball, but it’s still recommended you keep one in your bag.



The most crucial component of a golfer’s game is their putter. Finding a putter that works for you can be a process of trial and error, and getting to a point of confidence requires a great deal of precision and a guiding touch. Beginners will only need one putter in their bag, but choosing one may prove a time-consuming challenge.


Which Clubs are Essential for My Bag?

Most beginners will be able to play effectively with a set that includes a driver, 3 wood, 9 iron, 5 or 7 iron, 3 or hybrid iron, a wedge, and a putter. A bag with these seven clubs will give any golfer an immediate advantage over those renting.

If you have any further questions about custom-fit golf clubs or forming a bag of clubs, give the experts at Blackberry Ridge Golf Course a call. Or, if you’re looking for a course with beautiful views, a relaxing atmosphere, and challenging holes then schedule a tee time and experience Blackberry Ridge for yourself!