Whether you’re ready to admit it or not and say goodbye to the summer weather, fall is just around the corner. In Minnesota, August sees crisp days reminiscent of fall—a reminder of what is to come. As the leaves start to change and the sun begins to set earlier and earlier, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the golf course. There are still a couple months of great golf weather! To make the most of it, follow these tips for fall golfing.

Dress in Layers

Fall is notorious for bringing in chilly mornings followed by hot afternoons. If you’ll be on the course for a few hours, dress in layers to account for the change in temperatures during the day. You may even want to bring hand warmers for those extra chilly mornings.

Walk the Course

If you’re cold, it’s the perfect time of year to ditch the golf cart and walk the course. It will warm up your muscles and give your body some much-needed warmth. It’s also great exercise—exercise that you probably couldn’t enjoy during those extra-hot months of June and July.

Go up a Club Size

When it’s colder, the golf ball doesn’t travel as far as it does during warmer months. To accommodate this, you can try going up a club size. You should also keep in mind that as the ground firms up with the colder weather, the ball will roll more. To retain more of a feel for the greens that you’re used to in the summer, try using a softer golf ball too.

Have Fun!

It’s a beautiful time of year! Enjoy the course, enjoy the changing foliage, and enjoy the game. You’ll probably also be able to enjoy fewer golfers on the course, too.

Fomore tips about fall golfing, including tips for keeping the course free of damage in the fall, check out our blog.

Now it’s time to get out there and cross your fingers that the first snow is far, far away!