Planning a wedding is always exciting for a couple, but planning a summer wedding is perhaps even more exciting! From tasks like finding the perfect venue, choosing the right photographer, and picking out your dream dress, you’ll also consider the color scheme you’ll use. Choosing good wedding colors gives your day the right ambiance to make it stand out among other events.  

There are so many ways to incorporate stunning hues into any celebration, no matter how big or small! From getting creative with floral arrangements to selecting show-stopping décor pieces, here are some ideas from us here at Blackberry Ridge for finding the perfect summer wedding color schemes. 

The Importance of Color Schemes 

Did you know that choosing the right color palette is essential to planning a timeless wedding?Not only do the colors set the tone and mood of the wedding, but they also create the perfect backdrop for photos, accentuate the decor, and tie everything together cohesively and stylishly.  

Whether you opt for bright and bold hues or soft pastels, your summer wedding color scheme reflects your style and sets the stage for your dream wedding.Be sure to choose wisely and let your summer wedding colors speak volumes about your love story! 


The Different Shades of White 

For most weddings, white is a primary color that will be a large part of the day. It’s crisp, clean, and effortlessly chic.But did you know that there are many different shades of white? Each variation offers a unique and modern twist on this timeless hue, from warm ivory to cool blue-toned whites. 

Picking the right shade of white can make all the difference in finding good wedding color combinations.With so many options, you’re sure to find just the right shade to suit your style and make the statement you’re looking for. 

Consider the Traditional Colors 

Some classic wedding colors will always stay in style. For example, pink, red, and blue have been popular for traditional weddings for as long as we can remember. Each color has its own charm and symbolism.Pink is often associated with love, romance, and femininity, while red recalls passion, energy, and excitement. On the other hand, blue is a calming and soothing color that represents trust, loyalty, and stability. 

When you combine these colors, you can create a whole range of moods and atmospheres. For instance, a pink and red theme would be ideal for a bold and vibrant wedding, while blue and pink would create a soft, serene ambiance.There are endless possibilities to explore, so let your creativity run wild and have fun with it! 

Go for Pastels and Bright Hues 

Summer weddings offer the perfect opportunity to incorporate bright, bold hues and pastel shades. Pastels are a classic option for summer wedding color schemes – think soft shades of pale pink, dusty blue, and muted lavender. These colors create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere and are perfect for a garden or beach wedding.  

If you want to make more of a statement, consider incorporating vibrant hues like sunny yellow, coral, or turquoise into your color scheme. These bold colors are perfect for a summer wedding and will add a cheerful and energetic vibe to your celebration. 

The Perfect Venue for Your Perfect Palette 

With a bit of research, good planning, and creative vision, you’ll be well on your way to finding beautiful summer wedding colors your guests will never forget!But don’t just stop at the colors! To really see your palette come to life, couple it with the perfect venue and experience.  

At Blackberry Ridge, we do it all for weddings. Whether you’re just looking for a location or need a team of experts coordinating every detail, we’re here to help! Contact Blackberry Ridge today so we can get started seeing your wedding day unfold exactly as it should.