Did you just get engaged? Congratulations to you and your partner!


If you’re worried about getting engaged and planning a wedding during COVID-19, we understand your feelings. You may be concerned about how you will plan everything when businesses are closing or social distancing practices are in place. With these tips, you will be able to safely plan and host the wedding of your dreams.


Make a List of Priorities

Before you begin making appointments with vendors, caterers, photographers, and more, sit down with your partner to make a list of priorities. Set a date that you feel most comfortable with, even if that means the wedding is two years from now. Prioritize the details that are most important to you, whether it is securing a specific venue or photographer, or making sure you can safely host a large wedding. Once you’ve prioritized the most important details, you can move forward with making phone calls and setting up meetings.


Browse Online

It may be more difficult now to browse stores and bridal boutiques for the perfect dress and wedding theme, so now is the perfect time to not just turn to Pinterest, but other resources that stores and wedding sites are offering brides. There are quizzes and other resources to help you narrow down your choices for the ideal dress for your body type, a theme with color options, and decorations that match your chosen aesthetic. Create an inspiration board as you narrow down your options.


Arrange Virtual Meetings

Once you have a better idea of the aesthetic you’re looking for, you can begin making appointments with vendors. If you aren’t comfortable meeting online, most vendors are happy to meet virtually—whether it starts with a phone call or a vide chat. With a variety of platforms to choose from including Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and FaceTime, it will feel just like you’re meeting with the vendors. They can show you their past work and their current options and discuss what they can do for you.


Shop Online

Doing some research and shopping online will make buying a gown and renting suits and tuxes so much simpler. Research local boutiques to narrow down which stores have the types of dresses you’d like to look at in your price range. This will save you trips to boutiques that don’t have what you’re looking for. The groom and groomsmen can do their measurements at home and then shop or rent online. You can also easily purchase décor and favors online.


This part is easy. Building your registry is easy to complete online. In many cases, there are more offerings online than in store anyway, so you’ll be offered a wider selection of items.



Remember: do not focus on how things “should have been” when planning a wedding pre-COVID. That sort of mindset can put you in a negative headspace. Instead, focus on the good things and how great you can still make the wedding.